Sep 8, 2010


What are you full of regrets about lately?

Something's nagging me right now. It has something to do with my eyesight. And when something's nagging me, I get really cranky. You can expect my temper to be boiling in no time at all.

Yesterday, my sister called me up three times and I missed all of it. When I saw it, I was worried. There wasn't a text message and when I tried to call her back twice, she wasn't answering her phone.

When she called up again twice, I missed both again because I was in the bathroom. When I called and she answered laughing, I flared up! I was so darn worried! I raised my voice at her and scolded her for not leaving a message. Needless to say, she got annoyed at me. She has no work today and we are not talking to each other.

I regret that I didn't rein my temper in. I regret that I've been raising my voice over inconsequential things for the past few days now. I will try to make amends.


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