Sep 20, 2010

Choosing to be positive and living it!

It's easy to choose being positive and happy but it's hard to actually do the switch. I was so darn angry the other day because I was feeling betrayed. I knew it would ruin my day and I would be left with nothing but an empty pocket. I had to rush work so I thought I might as well choose to be positive and ignore all the negative emotions in me. I made the choice but hours later, I still feel traces of anger in my heart.

It's one thing to say/preach it. It's another thing to actually live it. The latter is hard to do. In my case, I am really trying hard to be positive all the time. Not because I am some kind of a preachy person who wants to change the world. No, that's not my thing at all. I am trying to be positive because I want to change ME. Myself. I whine, rant and been angry all the time in the past. I don't want that person to exist anymore. I want to grow and not be bitter about so many things in my life.

I no longer feel betrayed. Nahimasmasan na ako.

Positive thoughts only for this week. Hopefully, I will be able to pull it off and follow through with this statement.

Happy Monday everyone!



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