Jul 22, 2007

I will become a millionaire soon!

I knew it in my heart. It may take me a couple of years more, when my sisters finally become stable. But it will happen.

A few minutes ago, I watched Korina Sanchez' Rated K show. A segment featured a former domestic helper (DH) becoming a self-made millionaire. She worked hard in Saudi Arabia as a DH, working even during her days off as a caregiver and a manicurist. And all her hard work paid off. She saved enough money and went back to the Philippines to open her own business. She and her husband delivered fishes to clients. Upon saving income from their delivery business, they opened a new business of glass and window cutting.

A friend of mine, ate Nalen/Manilenya came to mind while watching the segment. I know in my heart that she will make it as well.

Hardwork, perseverance, a lot of prayers, trust and confidence... these are things needed for a person to make it. To become millionaires. To become financially stable.

I know someday soon I will make it. I already mapped out everything. All I need to do is to slowly (but surely) start the process.

And I will. Soon.


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