May 31, 2007

Down and Out!

I am so depressed right now. I am short on my budget again and it's my brother's enrollment. Hay...

I don't know why I kept telling myself I am okay financially and then one thing leads to another and bam! I am short again!

I need to stop this freakin' cycle! I need to stop being depressed at least once a week! This is not healthy anymore! I need to get my friggin' life back to normal again! Hay...

I need my mojo back! Tonight, I will get it back!


Samantha Lucas said...

My heart's with you. I've been in vicious depressed circle all month!! If you figure a way out, let me know!!! :)

MommyBa said...

I hope you'll get by your problems soon.

joining the ride with you on the alexa train :)

have a great week ahead.

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