Dec 4, 2006

Hollow Mind...

I was thinking of something clever to write about. Something that will make everyone think. But, my mind's not up to the challenge. Been turning my brain upside-down but all it can come up with are these…

I am a woman. I'm entitled to mood swings. True?

Everytime I say "I Love You", it comes from the heart and I truly mean it. Do you mean it too? If truth be told, I have been remiss in telling some people that I love them.

Suicide is never an option. It is the coward's way out, don't you think? Please never ever think of it again. You know who you are. There are dozens of people who love you and care for you. Just look around, we're all here smiling at you.

Everything's easy when it's not about you. Things get complicated when the "you" is replaced with "me".

Hugs make a big difference. It reinforces confidence, well-being and love. HUGS for everyone!

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth.


mics said...

yes, ur right, ate. suicide is exactly not the answer to solve all the riddles in your life. but, i never ever thought of killing myself one day. i guess, i'm just looking forward to know how can i "kill" all my problems in life someday. :D

and yes, everytime i say i love you to someone else, it always came from my heart, not just words wasted from my mouth. :)

rHo said...

ako rin te, kahit mahilig akong mag-i love you... i really mean it naman para naman mapa-feel ko sa kanila na importante sila sa buhay ko at na-aapreciate ko ang bawat bagay na pinapakita nila sa akin!! saka bakit ko naman sasayangin ang laway ko sa kung anong masabi lang db?!

kaya para sa'yo... aylabyu! nyahahaha! mwuahuggggz! ingatz ka lagi..

juana said...

uy inspiring naman ang mga ito!

hugs you too so tight pa!

Ann said...

I don't say i love you that often until dumating yung mga kids ko. Ngayon ang dami nilang nagsasabi ng i love you at bawal hindi sumagot ng i love you too.

Bakit kaya mas maraming lalaki ang suicidal? Dahil kaya sa hindi sila ganun ka open sa feelings nila, madalas sinasarili ang problema. Dapat mag blog na lang sila at ilabas lahat sa blog ang galit sa mundo.

ghee said...

*sigh*im tired of suicidal news here,pag nagumpisa sunud sunod,mostly junior high at ka age ni Haru...

anyways,hugggssss na lang kita,haha!

i love the last phrase:
Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth

*just love and love until you succeed?* wink*

lab yah!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hi Sasha, I think your mind met the challenge quite well! you're right about suicide, it is no solution. Like the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Bumps in the road of life are meant to build character, so can you imagine how much character building a pothole would do...hehe...

I also never say those 3 words unless I really mean it. I once went out with a girl for 10 months without saying it once. It just didn't feel right, I tried for so long because I had been told that the best relationships begin as friends. But for me, if I don't feel it right from the beginning, I don't think it'll ever happen.

Thanks for making me think.... dance like nobody's watching :)

Ethel said...

i love you! talga pag lumabas yan sa bunganga ko from my heart talaga :)
nice post!

rex said...

amen to everything you said. except the part where you're a woman and you're entitled to mood swings. how about us men? whatever happened to equal gender rights? hahaha! just joking!

nona said...

mood swings?..yes true na true sis.
pms-ing..blah :D

If I say "I love you" I truly mean it, hindi lalabas sa bibig ko iyan kapag hindi tutuo.Very transparent ako sa feelings ko whatever it is...galit,tampo...excited, masaya..etc.

Luv yah sis, hugs and kisses!!(^_^)

howling said...

Women do tend to get mood swings all the time - what their very unstable hormonal changes that goes along with that monthly thing they do and that nasty, nasty attitude they have before that period.

I'm no expert in women, but I just go with their flow all the time and it does work.

Sorry, I suck in Gynecology.

Men on the other hand don't have mood swings.

We are grumpy all the time.

Wendy said...

"Suicide is never an option. It is the coward's way out, don't you think?"
-- The most stupid thing that a person can do. Problems... suicide is definitely NOT the answer.
God is always there for us.. have faith, coz if you do... everything around you will turn out light and easy.

"Everytime I say "I Love You", it comes from the heart and I truly mean it."
-- Defintely gurl! Love comes from the heart, not from the mouth! Don't say "I love you" if you're not sure... that's a dim-witted thing!

Vince said...

haha! was this the topic we discussed with potpot? in which we opposed with ideas?

tekla said...

kay bestfriend lang ako nagssabi ng iloveyou para ma-feel nya na i care for her at ganun din cya sa akin.

since nagccountdown ka i tell you this .. iloveyou sashing :)

sasha said...

@You're right, Mics! And I also do that, find ways to kill my problems! Hehehe... Those three words shouldn't be wasted talaga. It should always come from the heart.

@Sis, ako rin! Lahat ng sinasabihan ko ng labshu, I truly mean it. In some part of me/us, I/we know na yung person na yun means more to me/you than the average person. Korek ba? :)

Like ikaw! Natutuwa kasi ako di ba I told you, you remind me of my bruhang friends! Nyahaha... At dahil friend na rin kita at lukaretz tayo pareho, labs na kita! Mwuaaahhh! Konti lang naman kayong labs ko dito heheheh

@At eto pa ang isang labs ko... si mousey! este, si Juana pala! hehehe... labshu, mare! salamat sa mahigpit na hugs... nilalagnat ako kaya tamang-tama! hehe

@Alam mo, Ate Ann, yan ang hindi namin nagawa sa mommy ko... tell her I love you that much. Kasi sa bahay, hindi kami vocal sa feelings namin. Ewan ko ba kung bakit. Mabuti na nga lang I learned to hug, nasobrahan nga kasi minaya't maya ko mommy ko nung last two years of her life.

Kaya mabuti at uso yan sa inyo ng kids mo... sweet! At dapat talaga bawal ang hindi sumagot ng I love you too! hehehe

Ang mga lalaki kasi feeling tough at dapat macho dating... hindi naman lahat ha. But mostly ganun sila. 3 palang guy friends (yung 2 gay pa) ko nakita kong umiyak. At 70% ng friends ko guys!

@Ate Ghee, bakit nga ba uso yan dyan sa Japan? Andami ko ngang nababasang ganyan e. Tsk tsk... sayang ang life! Andaming maagang namamatay na ayaw pa mawala sa mundo... *sigh*

Anyway, nakakatuwa talaga yung nakuha kong yan ano, te? Nakuha ko somewhere at ayun... dance like noone's watching... ^_^

Ikaw pa ang isa kong labs, te! I'm really happy we became friends! Mwuaaah! Hugs kita!

yorokobee said...

mahihina kasi ang mga hapon, kaya nagswisuicude sila...some bcuz of pride daw....ewan!

waaah Sashing clever queen ka ngayon,hehehe
like ko yung last phrase, parang ako ganon...hahaha!

I love you! i mean it!
.....saying iloveyou to a friend or to someone else is like saying i like you.
pero ang i love you ko to hubby, means.....everything!(hihi)

sasha said...

@Hahaha... Did I, Angelo? :)

Do you know Edsa? If not, ask your mom about it heheh... If life is like Edsa, imagine the character building one's life would undergo! Hahaha! Too many potholes!

Wow! You're girl is very lucky then! ^_^ Does she blog, too? You know what, you're right! If it doesn't feel right even from the very beginning, it'll never happen. Hmm... Kuya will agree with you, I think.

You made me think as well.

@Honga, Ate Ethel! Thanks po :)

@Rex, read Howling's comment... you men don't have mood swings... you're always grumpy! Hahaha

@At syempre ang isa ko pang labs... Sis, pareho tayo. Transparent. May isang pelikula na may linyang ganito... parang karinderya na bukas sa lahat... katawan yata ang tinutukoy dyan pero applicable sa atin kasi kita ng lahat ang nararamdaman! hehehe... Sabi nga ni Tina, very open daw :)

Labshu, too, sis! Same with Rho and Ate Ghee, I'm glad you became my friend... long lost sis nga ba? hehehe

@Very clever, Howl! During that time every month, we're overpowered by evil monsters who control our emotions and we're powerless to stop them! Nyahaha... Not! Hormones nga lang yun!

Nagtatagalog ka ba, Howl? Magtagalog ka naman! :)

@Wendy... korek sa lahat, sis! May iba lang talaga na mahina ang faith kay Lord. I remember an episode of 700 Club yata yun or a Catholic program yata, the guy is suicidal. He really wanted to end his life na. Sinaksak nya sarili nya and ayun, he thought he died. But it didn't happen. He was so thankful kasi pregnant pala yung gf nya. Nag-away lang e nakaisip na ng kung ano. tsk tsk...

@Kuya... hahaha... naalimpungatan ka ano? Hahaha

sasha said...

@Aba, syempre naman, Mam, dapat may countdown! Hahaha... Uy, tiran ako ng leche flan ha... Bigyan mo ako sa 18 ok? Hehehe

Labshu, too, Ate Greys! Ayan, ate na rin kita hahaha

@Bee, yung trono mo ang gusto kong agawin e... prettiest kikay queen! Hahaha... Kaso nde talaga ako papasa sa judges! hehehe....

Onga, tama ka dyan... Sa kaso ko naman, it's saying that I truly care for that person... ^_^ Ah swerte talaga si hubby mo hehehe

Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

may PMS din yata ako kaya di ko napansin bago pala itong post mo :D

kapag sinabi ko ring i love you, totot yon! dahil iba-iba naman din ang pakahulugan, depende sa pinagsasabihan ;)

tulad kay BOY ... BAWANG ... lab na lab kong ngatngatin pero may karibal na siya ngayon, si BIDA! oh di bah?

sasayaw at kakanta ako dito ha pero dapat manood at makinig ka dahil xmas song ito ..... para mabigyan ako ng pamasko! :D

o siya, kahit HUGS na lang ... samahan mo na rin ng kisses!

layp is wat we make it! einen guten tag noch ... mwuahhh

Raquel said...

Hi Sasha,

Alam mo Sasha, my husband keep on saying I love You sakin, nabibingi na nga ako kase ilang beses sa isang araw, hehehe. I think ang mga kano very expressive sila kahit ibnag friends ko ganyan din daw asawa nila.

Nung sa pinas pa ko, when I say I love You, I mean it talaga. Pero ngayon hay parang recorded na nasa bunganga ko, hahaha. May baby na kase at parati kong sinasabi sa kanya at sa asawa ko rin.

tin said...

when Im depressed, I think of myself as dead. But I never attempt to kill myself, as you said, its not an option. :)

Very nice thoughts. :)

ikay the dancer said...

ang deep pero inspirational. hmmmm...

maybe i need to work on "saying i love you" from the heart. sometimes i tend to say it just for the sake of saying it in return..

im bad. lol.

sasha said...

@Ate Neng... natawa naman ako sa Boy Bawang at Bida mo! Hahaha! Cge te, sayaw ka na at kumanta pa! Bibigyan kita ng regalo... boy bawang lahat ng flavors! Hahahah

Hug din kita nang mahigpit! Mwaah!

@Hello Ate Raquel! Ay oo basta kano. Ganyan talaga sila te kasi I've worked with Americans for almost 6 years now. Pati na yung dati kong bosses... Sobrang expressive sila. Very vocal. Saka sa kanila, they tell you upfront kung ano nararamdaman nila. Unlike sa atin na smile pero sa loob-loob hurt pala hehehe... speaking from experience *wink*

Mas okay nga yun na nasasabi mo lagi, te! Saka I'm sure you mean it naman kasi si hubby at baby yan heeheh

@Tama ka, Tin... it's not an option. Okay lang magdrama nang todo basta walang masasaktan lalo na ang sarili :)

@Inspirational ba, Ikay? Thanks ha! Minsan ganun naman tayo di ba? Just for the sake of saying it back. Pero ako what I do, I say it with feelings... para naman I mean it pa rin hehehe

fayenget said...

I soooo agree that were entitled to mood swings.. and suicide is not the answer. Love reading your post.. hindi ka pa makapag-isip nyan ha! =)

Angelo said...

Hello again Sasha! For sure I know EDSA!!! I love/hate EDSA :) spent many an hour just waiting, and waiting, and waiting on EDSA.... your analogy is quite apt lol!

oh btw, my gf doesn't blog, she hates blogs hehe....

sasha said...

@Faye... parang ang yabang ng dating ano? hahaha

Thanks for always reading :)

@Angelo... don't we all love/hate EDSA? hahaha!

She hates blog? Bakit?

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