Dec 15, 2006

Acceptance... Surrender...

It took me a loooong time to accept everything. It's hard. There's a lot of resistance from within. I kept on pretending that I can survive that way but boy was I wrong! Denial was the name of the game. Slowly, after that enlightening talk that made me realize the lies I've been living in, life's going back to the way it used to be... Before all the denials.

I can proudly say that I'm giving my 99% of myself now. There are lapses, yes, but hey, I wouldn't be human without it!


My one and only confidante in the office got a job offer from Procter & Gamble this afternoon. Nagulat sila why we're jumping and laughing and almost crying from the sheer joy brought about by that text message from the company's HR person. Overwhelming!

A few months back, we're talking about looking for another job because we're truly not satisfied with how the companies we're handling are run... but I was always teasing her that she'll probably be the first one to go... Hay, nagkatotoo nga!

So happy for her! I stopped looking for another job muna because I'm focusing on A by next year. And I'm learning to appreciate even the negative things about the company kaya okay lang for me to stay pa. Dapat 2005 natuloy na ako but well my mom asked me to stay so I did. Yun pala she's leaving us na when she made that request. Oh well..

Everything in God's time.


Life is never about how bravely you struggle.
Oftentimes, it can be about how willingly you SURRENDER.
Allow God to embrace you just as you are,
and let His love heal you and make you the beautiful,
wonderful, happy person that He made you to be.
God bless everyone!



Juana said...

1st ako! yipee!

Juana said...

ako nga! hehehe

God Bless you too sashing!

naniniwala ako na tinutugunan ang ating prayers in 3 ways

yes talagang para sa iyo

no di talaga para sa iyo

wait di pa time pero come in a perfect package

mei said...

God has His reasons for allowing things to happen. Sabi nga, all things work together for good for those who love Him! kahit hindi mukhang good at the moment, sa kadulu-duluhan eh mabuti pa rin ang kahihinatnan.

so, like your tagline says, keep the faith!! we're cheering you on!

Happy weekend sistah. Godblessya :)

nona said...

sis...where did the 1% go? :) joke*

There's always a possibility that we can make mistakes or do something stupid...and you're right It's all there and it's a matter of acceptance...

"Allow God to embrace you just as you are,
and let His love heal you..."

melai said...

at least nakasama mo ang mom mo bago sya nawala diba :)

iskoo said...

i am sure merong nakalaan sayong magandang opportunity, dont loose hope, continue to give your best to your current work.

Raquel said...

Hi Sasha, sayang naman but keep on hoping and have faith, that one day you will open your eyes and it will come true.

sherwina said...

"I can proudly say that I'm giving my 99% of myself now."

-- Good for you gurl... *kisses and hugs*

"Don't wait for God to slay the dragon in your life. You have the sword of the Spirit, the all-powerful Word of the living God, at your fingertips. Pick it up and use it today!" (1 Timothy 6:11-12)

wendy said...

Ako po si Sherwina... *wink*

Lazarus said...

In demand naman ang mga CPAs in Manila. But you can always wait for the perfect timing. There is always that love-hate relationship with the employer. he he.

Anonymous said...

palagi ko ring nilalagay yan sa isip ko.. IN GOD's TIME.. love mo lang work mo mawawala negative vibes..


mousey said...

kanino nakalaan ang 1%? hahaha

kisses said...

mas masarap ang bunga kung hinog sa puno ;)

*lam ko na kung baket ayaw pumasok comment ko, dapat sa beta blogger ako naka-log-in ... tingnan mo lalabas iyong isang bahay ko!


ethel said...

Agree ako sayo everything in God's time.

Honga pala na linkied na kita ilang dekada na ba yon hehehe as tapos na noh?! :)
happy weekend jan, engeh sunshine beh!

Ann said...

Dapat pag lilipat ka wag yung year end kasi sayang yung bonus at 13th month pay....hehehe.

ghee said...

hmmm,99% percent...surrender...

i wonder,ano ba yung dinideny mo,Sash? :D

sana next year,magkaroon ka na ng mas magandang job opportunity :)

malapit na ng EB nyo!!yay!!bat parang ako ang excited?haha!

-pAm- said...

99%...bat di pa 100%?

joke lang poh.hehehe.^_^

yah, magaling si god..HE plans things when we don't expect it.=D

goodluck sa lahat!:)

Angelo said...

Amen to that Sasha :) "The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still." (Exo. 14:14) Keep the faith, you'll get exactly what you need, at the right time.

tin said...

God is good ate sasha!



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