Sep 14, 2006

My Voyager

The content of my phone...

A dozen or so applications. But I have here my fave ones:

Lextionary - a smartphone dictionary, complete with pronunciation guide
iSilo - an ebook reader (can't live without this one!)
Windows Media Player and Playlist Manager - for my mp3s and wmas
Wordpad - if my brain feels like functioning

Books lined up in my phone library for reading (through iSilo):
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt (not yet done, in page 200 right now)
Christ the Lord by Anne Rice (started this one last weekend)
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson (in the middle of the story last night)
The Devil Wears Prada (love to re-read certain chapters)
Four (4) Erma Bombeck books from Tim (all in first few pages, sis)
And of course, my all time favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger (I've read this book I think a dozen times now)

My Playlists:
Alternative - I play this list going to the office or home when I feel like I want to be alone in a sea of strangers...
> Breathing by Lifehouse
> Bring me to life by Evanescence
> Broken by Seether
> Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla
> Everything by Lifehouse
> Here without you
> Yellow by Coldplay

Sitti's Cafe Bossa album - everyday, when I feel like it (which is most of the time)

Sleepy - obviously, when I need a shut-eye
> Enya songs
> The Key to You
> The Way it is
> Visions of a sunset

Weekday Blues - when my moody self feels like saying hi
> Hey look at the sun by Sitti
> Para sa akin by Sitti
> I Wonder Why by Curtis Stigers
> A Promise I make by Dakota Moon
> Fields of Gold by Sting
> I Will Always be your Friend by George Duke
> Come back to me by Janet Jackson
> Those sweet words by Norah Jones
> Piano in the dark by Brenda Russel
> Run by Collective Soul
> The key to you
> The way it is
> Til they take my heart away
> True
> Visions of a sunset
> When we dance by Sting
> Yellow by Coldplay

I have some more songs in my phone that I'm too tamad to list down. I have Sting's 2 albums (forgot the album names), Usher's Confessions, Coldplay's album (the one where Yellow is included), a collection of Japanese and French songs, some OPMs and various kasentihan songs.

Ate Melai, ito naman ang kaulayaw ko ;)

ps. I want the Nokia N91! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!


ie said...

your phone is definitely better than mine. mine won't even allow me to write drafts. so if i feel like writing (texting) something, i have to send it back to me for storage.

about your question. i do like books, though i'm not really literally. so far, i'm only familiar with marquez, king, and zafra. i read bombeck once though. ha ha. tamad akong magbasa. there you go.

potpot said...

wah! gusto ko dn ugn book ng THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA

nlz...... said...

haha! siz, hindi ka halatang sabik huh!...

whoa! galing naman fon could store all that stuff...inggit!

Books? hmmm..before mahilig akong magbasa,di ko titigilan hangga't di tapos,kaso puro actions and cowboys dad's collections actually, kaya ayun na rin binabasa ko...those were the days, highschool days..:) weird 'no? dapat binabasa ko 'yung mga mills and Boons ha ha!

sasha said...

IE, i also read king and zafra. ako naman, tamad sa gawaing bahay, masipag magbasa at magblog... hehe

@potpot, give me ur email addy send ko ebook ng The Devil Wears Prada, u want? ;)

@Nona, mas marami pang naka-store kaso tamad na kong ilist down hehe

Dumaan ako sa Sweet Dreams, Mills and Boon, historical romance hanggang ma-discover ko si Anne Rice, Jessica Zafra, Stephen King at Sidney Sheldon. Ayun... lalong naadik sa pagbabasa hehe

melai said...

grabeh ha ang yaman ng phone mo tsk tsk tsk tsk ....pwede ng buhay yan kulang na lang ATM tulad ng mga fone sa Japan ..saka di ka pa pwedeng manood ng tv diyan? lol!!
uhmmn upload mo naman yung ano STING album mo at Coldplay sa multiply pahingi ako :)
saka lifehouse na rin at kung may Snow Patrol ka, Radiohead, Nickleback, Jason Mraz, Duncan Sheik, Counting Crows 3 doors down heheheheheh dami pero kung meron ka dalii penge :)

sasha said...

nakakapanood ng movies, music videos and cartoons, ate Melai! o di ba? meron nga akong ilang episodes ng Meteor Garden, hahaha
i just need a bigger storage card ;)

meron ako nyang mga yan... maya paguwi ko upload ko for u :)

karmi said...

sa phone mo lang yan? wow.. dami namang laman.. ^_^ inggit ako! hahaha..

gusto ko rin si sitti.. ganda ng songs nya.. kaya nga nung umuwi ako ng pinas, bumili ako ng CD nya..

tc! ^_^

ghee said...

hehe,eto pala ang kaulayaw mo naman..

grabeh ha?so,ano ginagawa mo pag naki carried away ka sa song?

do you cry or do you dance(too)?

happy weekend,Sasha!

kneeko said...

wowowwww antindi ng phone mo huh...

hanap ka na ng fafa para mabigyan ka ng N91 hehehee

pahiram din huh

sasha said...

yup, sa phone ko lang yun karmi! kaya nga ahlabit kse daming nalalagay! hehe

@ate ghee, umiiyak po... iyakin kasi ako, hehe! pag papasok sa umaga puntang office nare-relax ako saka nawawala yung inis sa katabi sa service, hehe

naku pakner, naghahanap na nga! hehe

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